Sunday, 16 December 2007

Garden Route

Garden route of South afric simply breath-taking.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Very consistent surf, world class surf waves, pretty uncrowded, sometimes sharky...

The people and beaches are among the nicest I've ever seen. You will be treated wonderfully. As far as surf goes, make sure to visit all of the traditional spots (Cape Town, Garden Route, J-Bay, Durban (no sharks in durbs)) but also not to miss some of the less-frequented areas such as the Transkei/Wild Coast. Be careful whose advice you take - many of the surfers are (unfortunately) paranoid. Explore (with care) the country and breaks for yourself.

South Africa for the most part is warm as the tropical east African current comes down the coast . so from Richards bay down to cape Infanta(150km east of CPT) you could get away with a rash vest . Cape Town is permanently wetsuit territory though you could hack it with a summer suit for about an hour .

Four years from now the eyes of the world with be on South Africa where the World Cup will be played on African soil for the first time. Today, the logo for South Africa 2010 was revealed. The image above is one that you will become very familiar with in the next four years.

South african beaches.

Amazing beaches, big waves and hot weather, what more can you ask for???

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hatton paid to be tko'd

Boxing is gruesome,lets face it watching people bash each others brains out hasnt lost any appeal since watching your 1st fight in grade school only difference is the kids had higher IQ's, or do they Hatton picked up an awsome amount of money by getting whipped.Who the smart ones then?

Saturday, 8 December 2007

The Big 5.

Lion, Rhino, Elephant,Bufallo,leopard

Nothing says Africa like the wildlife and nothing says wildlife like the animals.
It might be intresting to note that the animal that kills the most people every yeaar is the non-meat eater Hippo.

Dont pack your swimsuite!!!

The phenomenon is best seen near Seal Island, a crowded seal colony near Cape Town, South Africa. There, great whites and other sharks congregate to feed on the pinnipeds.
When seals cross deep water to approach or leave their island sanctuary, the waiting sharks, swimming at depth, hurtle themselves with great strength toward the animals at the surface. The ferocity and momentum of the ascent often results in both predator and prey exploding out of the ocean like a cork shooting out of a champagne bottle.

South Africa-Things to do

South Africa is truly a beautiful country-with lots of stunning places to visit and unique experiences,that only Africa can offer.

My favourite things to see!

Flying Great Whites(our sharks arent only a hazard in the water, but in the air to)
Soweto-home of the soweto uprisings, the 1st anti-apartheid riots
Cape town wineries.(best wine in the world)
Gold mines take a tour 70% of the worlds gold comes from here(so u proberbly wearing something from South Africa)
Kruger National Park-the BIG 5 need I say more.
Zulu dances, u might feel like joining in after a couple of beers.